Images from Ten Films, edited by Benedikt Reichenbach.
Texts by Thomas Elsaesser, Maren Grimm, Jan Verwoert, Christa Blümlinger, Dietrich Leder, Ute Holl, Benedikt Reichenbach, Matthias Rajmann, Hila Peleg & Anselm Franke. Cologne 2014. 383 S. mit 1053 (1052 farb.) Abb., brosch.

This publication attempts to map a visual approach to one of the world's foremost documentary and essay filmmakers, Harun Farocki. Unlike the many other, more theoretical publications about his work, this book operates with still images beyond an illustrative or documentary purpose. By means of repetition, interruption and displacement, the configurations pursue specific movements within each film, taking into account mechanisms of order and open-endedness that are characteristic for Farocki's work in general. "Diagrams" traces the dynamics of ten of Farocki's films and presents them along with each film's complete commentaries, dialogues and intertitles, celebrating their major critical gesture: the exposition of mediality.
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