Group Dynamics - Collectives of the Modernist Period

Group Dynamics - Collectives of the Modernist Period

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19. Oktober 2021 – 12. Juni 2022

Edited by Karin Althaus , Susanne Böller, Sarah Louisa Henn, Eva Huttenlauch, Matthias Mühling, Stephanie Weber - Lenbachhaus Munich With texts by Gen Adachi, Karin Althaus, Patricia M. Artundo, Sergio Alberto Baur, Susanne Böller, Magalí Andrea Devés, Thiago Gil de Oliveira Virava, Salah M. Hassan, Sarah Louisa Henn, Dierk Höhne, Eva Huttenlauch, Yuko Ikeda, Samina Iqbal, Zehra Jumabhoy, Adam Langer, Liu Ding, Carol Yinghua Lu, Noriko Murai, Daniel Muzyczuk, Iheanyi Onwuegbucha, Shogo Otani, Teresa Riccardi, Siegrun Salmanian, Tanja Schomaker, Nada Shabout, Nadine Siegert, Wang Aihe, Stephanie Weber
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Berlin: Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2022. 448 p., 300 ill.
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20.00 x 27.00 cm

Beijing, Buenos Aires, Bombay (today’s Mumbai), Casablanca, Khartoum, Kyoto, Lahore, Łódź, Nsukka, São Paulo, Tokyo: in the twentieth century, artists all over the world banded together in collectives. The tendency of like-minded individuals to work in groups and support each other is universal; yet the concerns pursued by these groups, their aesthetic methods, political objectives, and utopian visions, express themselves in widely diverse ways depending on the time and place. The publication "Group Dynamics—Collectives of the Modernist Period" examines selected examples to shed a light on the emergence and evolution of collectives and their engagement with the societies and cultures around them. The period under consideration in the presentation—from around 1910 to the 1980s—spans international modernization movements and anticolonial struggles for independence.